From the author of Over the Edge of the World
Columbus, the Four Voyages - by Laurence Bergreen

A dramatic new biography of the world's most iconic explorer.

Laurence Bergreen’s latest book Columbus: The Four Voyages will change everything you thought you knew about Columbus.

In the first major biography of the iconic explorer in more than sixty years, Bergreen shows us the madness and genius that only those who traveled with him could have seen. Covering his four epic voyages, it's the Columbus you didn't learn about in school. Welcome to the voyages of a lifetime.

Published by the Viking Press, 2011.

Columbus book cover

Columbus: the Four Voyages has received rave reviews in Brazil where it is now available from Editora Objetiva. Read the latest reviews from Brazil's leading publications, Revista Brasileiros, O Estado de Sao Paulo, Valor Economico. Or watch an informative slideshow by the publisher here.

Now available in Portugal from Bertrand Livreiros, and in Sweden from Leopard Förlag, and Vietnam from Alpha Books.

Recent Praise

The New York Times
A surprising and revealing portrait of a man who might have been the title character in a Shakespearean tragedy.

The Los Angeles Times
Bergreen's fascinating chronicle of the explorer portrays him as a flawed, tragic figure, struggling to keep his titles and honors...

Op-Ed on CNN

Is shipwreck really the Santa Maria? Bergreen calls this recent discovery into question.

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